Maximilien Jourdain

photo of me
I am a from Paris
I develop & imagine using
I studied Interactive Innovation at Gobelins for years
while at the Digitas Labs
I like projects
This website is

I am currently looking for a .

What I made:

Cover image for Adidas Workshop
app (Unity)

Adidas Workshop

Scan yourself and play with the interactive 3D environment.
Take a video of your avatar and send it by mail or to the cloud.

The workshop took place in Paris at 3537 in October 2022.
I developed it in Unity for touchscreen Windows PCs.
Cover image for BnF
Kinect app (Unity)

BnF "Costumes"

Interact with 6 costumes from the Bibliothèque nationale de France's archive in the Richelieu library. App made with Unity using an Intel Realsense D435.

Available in 3 languages, running every day.
Cover image for Nike Face Tuned
AR app (iOS)

Nike Face Tuned

Nike Face Tuned is an iOS app made for the 20 years anniversary of the Nike TN. I teamed up with the studio DVTK and the 3D artist Ines Alpha to make a home-made augmented reality iPad app using Face ID from ARKit. Guests at the event could record videos and send them by mail from the app. It was made with Unity.
Credits : Ines Alpha, DVTK
Cover image for Invisible Shadow

Invisible Shadow

An interactive installation for Ruinart we did at Digitas Labs. I made the software (openFrameworks) that uses a Kinect to detect people, mask the walls. I also did the wiring to connect the software to an Arduino using Firmata protocol. We installed it in Cannes, were it successfully ran on its own for 1 week.

I also did a home-made software for us to create and edit strips animations.
Cover image for jam•ie


Jam Interactive Experience (jam•ie) is an installation which gives anyone the opportunity to make harmonic music. For neophytes to musicians, everyone can experiment in this jam with intuitive and innovative instruments. The installation has been exposed 5 times in Paris.
Cover image for Dior Eyes
app (Android)

Dior Eyes

Dior Eyes is a custom headset we made at Digitas for the luxury brand Dior. I coded the app (Android) and the back-office (Slim PHP). Great experience, beside coding, I learnt a lot, from object prototyping to project delivery.
Cover image for Prose
app (iOS)


In just 2.5 days, I developed the Prose radio app, for the iOS App Store. Developed in Swift, and designed by Parade Studio. iOS user I want you to download the app !
Credits : Parade Studio
Cover image for Stay Home Roulette
app (iOS)

Stay Home Roulette

Stay Home Roulette is an iOS app made during the French confinement. Stay Home Roulette helps you diversify and find new activities to do at home. Monthly updated, the app is also collaborative, you can add new activities or tips and share them to the community. You can find the app on the iOS App Store, where I spent weeks to make it accepted because Apple didn't like its former name "Corona Roulette".
Cover image for stiqr
app (iOS)


stiqr is an augmented reality app made with Vuforia. This app is a result of an user experience research on young people behaviour in museums. Guess we can call it an international app, it’s coded in Swift, Objective C, and C++.
Cover image for Rolland Garros Visite Virtuelle
app (Unity)

Rolland Garros Visite Virtuelle

This Android & Windows application was made for the FFT (Fédération Française de Tennis) in order to make a virtual tour into VIP saloons. It was produced by Explore Studio who baked all the textures and 3D assets.
Credits : Explore Studio
Cover image for Polymn
web 3D


Because recommendations algorithms are taking more and more space in our lives, we created Polymn, an usual WebGL website to discover new music. In this Gobelins project, I worked on the website development and design. Using React.js for the display & Three.js for the 3D, this is my first projet with homemade shaders !
Cover image for Terraforma
web 3D


Terraforma is an interactive experimental web-documentary. Taking place in a post-apocalyptical future, the focus was to educate about environmental issues. We used Vue.js for the display, and Three.js for the 3D. My first real web project, that made me learn a lot, about design, web development and 3D.
Cover image for ido


A one-month adventure where we took the (not-easy) challenge of building our own drawing plotter, using Arduino. Conceived for museums, we also made an iPad app (Swift) to discover the museum collection.